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16 September 1988
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MattxNear is love

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Tanner Ichigo Bryant
タ-ナ- • いちご • ブライエントウ
Call me Tib
20 years old

熱狂 と 乱脈 の セイラ びしょうじょ せんし, SAILOR TIB!


I believe that keelieinblack was right in saying, "Death Note eats brains, apparently. Ought to have a warning label."

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gin and ironic: A little Tanner doll.
gin and ironic: You pull the string and it's like,
gin and ironic: "I'm emo, whatever."

Mello x Near is rivalry love

ZADR is hawtdayum love

DADR is pedolicious love

RAPR is Tallest love

Monsters & Ladybugs is <3

HoroRen is In-Denial Love

Riku has pretty hair is love.

Riku x Sora is love.

Reno is love.

Rude is love.

Yuffie is a klepto love.

Cloud Strife is pretty love.