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Kayen Reese: omg some random guy pms me on myyearbook, 'how r u'
Kayen Reese: so i respond with
Kayen Reese: 'I am HORRIBLE, oh my fucking GOD. My boyfriend JUST broke up with me for a DUDE. Can you believe that? I mean, I would have totally turned into a dude for him! I loved him that much! And then my MOM is all, 'Clean your fucking room or I'l cutting off the internet', so I cleaned my room and she CUT IT OFF ANYWAY. I have to go online with the neighbor's wifi! And if she catches me doing that, I'm so grounded until I DIE. Then, at school, some little shit called me slutty just because of the way I dress. Can you BELIEVE THAT?! I don't dress THAT slutty. She's just a jealous whore because she's ugly. And, oh my god, I lost my favorite skirt, I can't find it ANYWHERE. I looked EVERYWHERE IN MY ROOM!!! I'm so upset! MY LIFE SUCKS!

How are you?'